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JULY 4TH Essentials


1- TOPSHOP blazer

2 – Urban Outfitters sunglasses


4 – ASOS clutch

5  – NOIR Jewelry friendship bracelet

6 – TOMS wedges 

It’s our nation’s birthday and surely you’ll be celebrating in some way today like I plan on it. Chances are you’re going to have to go from day to night, so items like these will not only help you through that transition, but they can be worn throughout the season.

STYLIST TIP: I got a text from a friend the other day asking if she should purchase a pair of American flag sneakers—to which I replied “NO.” Avoid buying items you may only wear one day of the year (like that “Kiss me I’m Irish” shirt you may break out every St. Patty’s day) and invest in pieces that you can wear all season long and still be festive in. 

xo Liz


Casual Antics


J.Crew top; BDG for Urban Outfitters pants; TOM's shoes; Marc by Marc Jacobs bag; vintage scarf and belt; Marc New York sunnies (TJMaxx). / photos by Joshua Boccheciamp

etc... modern-vintage watchband bracelets and cuff in silver (By Brooklyn); Marina Pecoraro "subtle skull head for the shy skull wearer" silk rope bracelet; Vanessa Mooney zip me up wrap bracelet in purple (c/o Vanessa Mooney); vintage rings. Gel manicure/"Ink" by OPI from Dashing Diva.

This weekend in Brooklyn, one of my favorite annual events occurred: The Atlantic Antic. It’s a great opportunity to stroll through the neighborhoods spanning through Atlantic Avenue—hence the comfy TOM’s shoes—to people watch, and catch local designers, crafts, shops, antiques, food and performances.

In case you missed it, here are some of the local people you should get to know:

Gnome Enterprises Cool tees for children and your inner child.

Steve’s Key Lime Pie Frozen key lime pie on a stick…what’s not to like?

Eva Gentry Perfectly curated consignment shop of designers you now can afford.

Floyd Beer and indoor Bocce courts. The perfect combo.

Kaight Green designers represent at this shop

xo DA


I heart NY


Today I took a break from my crazy life in fashion to remember the 10th anniversary of 9/11. It was so powerful to see lower Manhattan from across the East River in Red Hook, Brooklyn, as I instinctively dressed patriotic on this gloomy day in NYC.

I was lucky to be just outside of the city on that dreadful day and there are so many connections to people in my life that were almost there—missed their meeting…went the day before…got out just in time. Though many were not as lucky and we will never forget.

Aritzia maxi dress; Diane von Furstenberg sweatshirt blazer; CLO Intimo bra; vintage belt; Toms shoes; Marc New York sunnies; Marc by Marc Jacobs cross body satchel / photos by Joshua Boccheciamp

vintage tortoise shell bangle; etc... watchband bracelets (metal, leather and cord); Marina Pecoraro "subtle skull head for the shy skull wearer" silk rope bracelet; vintage ring (designed by Andi for her wedding band"

On a lighter note, I think there was something also instinctual that made me put on my favorite Tom’s shoes for my stroll and it was probably that the spring 2012 line of Electric Feathers outfitted their models in similar pairs, some even hand painted (hmm, I smell an ispy-diy.blogspot.com project?). I promise to finallty give you some coverage of Fashion Week in NYC mañana.

xo DA