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Wedding Styling Emergency Essentials


I went to a wedding of one of my favorite couples this past weekend and while I was so excited for this getaway, the packing was more daunting than I thought. Not only was I packing for the weekend away, I forgot that I usually treat my evening clutch like a mini styling kit to tackle any styling emergency that may come my way—other my friends’ ways. I’ve saved many a wedding styling emergency with some of these essentials on my cheat sheet and now you can too, whether you’re a guest, a bridesmaid or a bride…

1. Topstick – Okay, so you may think I’m nuts for telling you that toupee tape is the #1 must in every woman’s evening bag, but how do you think celebs get through an evening without wardrobe malfunctions? This strong double stick tape keep those ladies in your dress. Take note Janet Jackson.

2. Wrinkle Wiz – Don’t you hate when you have your dress perfectly pressed and then you get those horrible lines after you’ve been sitting in a car? Problem solved.

3. Dr. Scholl’s Moleskin padding – Keep pieces of this in your purse to stick onto your shoes for those places that feel like they may cause blisters. Dance the night away. Repeat.

4. Tide To Go Pens – I love how these fit in even the tiniest of clutches and can save you from the drunk girl who spilled on your new dress. Just make sure to dab with water after, so it doesn’t leave a ring around the stain. You’ll thank me later.

5. Travel Size Big Sexy Hair Spray Hairspray – Double duty! This can save your hair do when it’s falling flat AND a run in your stocking.

Rebecca Minkoff clutch – Not essential, but it’s adorbs.

xo Liz


Styling Secrets Part 2!


I couldn’t resist sharing some more of my favorite items in my styling kit that you may want to use in your own wardrobe…

  1. Goof Off or Goo Gone – Both of these are great at getting the sticky stuff off of everything and I use them a ton on shoots when nothing else will work. You can use this to get off price stickers, gum, marker and anything else that is too stubborn to come off.
  2. Static Guard – Most women nowadays don’t wear a slip with their dress or skirt—unless it’s Spanx, or you actually like them like I do—so when it starts clinging to your legs, this is always good to have on-hand. I keep a travel size in my kit too for those quick fixes.
  3. shoe pads (heel liners and ball of feet cushions– I keep an assortment of shoe padding like these in my kit, and sometimes for those killer (literally) shoes that I own. I’ve relieved many-a-foot with these and suggest you do too.
  4. leather belt punch – This is one of the best wardrobe inventions ever. With one tool—which is a lot safer than an old fashioned awl and hammer that I’ve nearly taken out a finger with—you can add another hole to your belts.
  5. Dr. Scholl’s molefoam padding/moleskin – This is another foot saver that I love to have in my kit so when a model complains about a blister, I can have her keep on strutting her stuff. So can you.


The NOT So Glamorous Life of a Stylist


JSDNYC by Jennifer Stewart top (similar online); Jessica Simpson pants, Burberry sunnies, Calvin Klein bag, Daniblack shoes, (TJMaxx); Vanessa Mooney bracelet; etc... watchband cuff and bracelet; vintage rings, vintage belt (via my dad).

The toughest part about being a stylist—and I don’t mean blogger or someone who puts together cute outfits—is that you have to look cute AND dress for the often grueling work.

The schlepping…the shopping bag shuffle…the hours on end of standing that kill your feet…the occasional getting on the floor to fix a hem…it’s NOT as glamorous as you think.

With the exhausting jobs I’ve been on lately, I need to dress both fashionable and comfortably. I also can’t wear my expensive designer splurges at risk of getting them ruined.

I always try to find some great *SENSIBLE* pieces that I can do this physical job in, but still look cute. Most importantly, a good flat shoe is a must. These kind of remind me of a vintage pair of Manolos. No matter whether it’s flats or heels, good padding can save your soles (no pun intended). I put these Dr. Scholl’s inserts in almost every pair of shoes I own to help alleviate my high arches.

More of a heels gal? Lucky duck. Well, this stylist trick may help pad any of your favorite shoe woes.

So glamorous.