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Current Indie Obsessions: Rock of Ages


1 – Gypsies & Debutantes bracelet  / 2 – Wrecords By Monkey iPhone case / 3 – Beth Lauren earrings /
4 – Nona E. Rose belt / 5 – Olivier Green A/W ’12 dress

With the movie Rock of Ages coming out next week, I’m ready to get in the rock spirit. I love mixing my usual feminine bohemian style with some edgier pieces daily, but now I have some excuses to add some subtle indie rock nods with feminine details to my look.

xo Liz


Style ME.


Sunnies from Warby Parker

I just found out that I’m required to wear corrective lenses while driving, which I’m pretty bummed about. I guess this means I have to go shopping for sunglasses on the bright side (no pun intended).

My eye doctor offered to put in new lenses to an existing pair of sunglasses I own that I will probably be sick of next year and would cost almost as much as a pair from Warby Parker with the prescription lenses in them.

If you don’t know about this eyewear company, they have recently revolutionized the industry, by ridding of the monopoly of the few eyeglasses manufacturers that license their designs out to every designer out there. These guys not only do it on their own, but they save you lots of $$ as a result. They will even donate a pair of glasses for every pair sold.

Not sold yet?

They will send you up to 5 pairs to try on at home (for FREE) and once you’ve decided, you can order them with your prescription online. Easy as that.

Now for the hard part. Please help me choose which one I should get!

xo Liz

Birthday Wishlist


Not to get all middle school on you, but my birthday is exactly one month away. Hint hint.

I have had the privilege of being born during Memorial Day weekend, so the entire country fires up their grills and seems to leave town in my honor. I could have been born on a leap year the amount of times I’ve actually been able to celebrate the actual day. Cue the tiny violins.

Now that I’m getting older, celebrating it has lost its cache. It’s no longer exciting when you realize that the fun part is over: getting your locker decorated, throwing a big slumber party, getting to an age when you’re old enough to do stuff like drive/vote/drink/rent a car/say “but I’m too young to do that.”

One thing you don’t outgrow is getting gifts. Though, as I’m getting older, it’s more likely that I’ll be gifting to myself. Well, here is my birthday wishlist to myself:

Nixon watch

I’ve resisted following the Michael Kors mens watch trend for a few years now, though I’ve always secretly wanted one. I just can’t bear to wear the same thing that I know a gazillion people will be walking around with. If I can find a unique version of it, then I’m game. This Nixon watch is unlike any I’ve seen out there on women. In fact, I first fell in love upon seeing my hubby’s male friend wearing one. Don’t tell my hubby that. Actually…do.

Anthropologie Capri Blue Mercury Glass Jar Candle

This is my absolute favorite candle scent. I feel so relaxed at the smell of this burning and maybe that’s why I often feel so relaxed in Anthropologie to hand over my credit card. The fact that it’s now sold in the vintage feel of mercury glass makes me want one for every room in my apartment (and to store everything in them when the candle is done).

Emily Elizabeth earrings

My grandmother’s leaf earrings like these are my go-to pair of studs to wear on a daily basis. Sadly, one got lost in the abyss of my previous apartment and the other is on its last leg, as I’ve worn it daily with other studs for years now. I would wear these daily and hopefully pass them along to my grandchild—who will one day lose one in her apartment.

Nona E. Rose belt

So, you’ve probably seen me wearing something like this belt quite often, but I loaned to to my sister and may never get it back. I’ll take another one so I can wear it all of the time again until you’re sick of seeing me in it. Deal with it.

SuperGreat Greetings card

Is it weird to send yourself a birthday card? If it’s not, this one would be awesome.

xo Liz

New Designs Inspired By Andi!


Nona E Rose neon leather belts with vintage inspired casted metal buckles

If you haven’t noticed my raving about my good friend Rachel’s gorgeous line of belts inspired by vintage buckles and designs, then you must have at least seen me wearing them with just about everything (case in point).

Pieces from her spring collection just debuted at Henri Bendel and I’m so excited about these new eye-catching neon leather belts. I can’t wait to actually be able to incorporate the neon trend into my wardrobe with just a hint of it.

I’m also psyched that she was able to get inspired by my mother, Andi’s, old belt that was just collecting dust in my closet. Rachel completely updated the design of the belt (the buckle was plastic and the rest was not as chic) and made it modern. Now this vintage design is totally modern and fresh.

Is it spring yet?

Want to get your hands (or waist) on this belt? Come get your Nona E. Rose at the Fashion Center trunk show on March 7th in Manhattan. Click here for more info. 

xo Liz

Shameless Self Promotion


You may or may not know by now that when I’m not busy styling or blogging, I’m working on my other passion—my jewelry line.

You probably have seen all of my fabulous jewelry on this blog designed by yours truly for etc…, along with the gorgeous belts by Nona E. Rose, and you may not have heard of E. Kammayer Accessories (yet!!), but now is your chance to check these all out in person and stock up on unique gifts for the holidays.

If you happen to be in the NYC area this Thursday the 15th, The Fashion Center® (think, the people behind the famous giant needle and button in the middle of the Garment District) is hosting a trunk show for us.

Lucky you, you’re in the know now.

etc… will also be having a sale of 10% off EVERYTHING! Okay, just at least come for the snacks/drinks/people watching of the fabulously dressed people of the fashion industry.

***********If you can’t make, here are some other great spots to shop online for the holidays***********

etc… watch necklaces at By Brooklyn

Shop the DEAR ANDI personally curated shop

Nona E. Rose online shop

E.Kammeyer online shop

xo DA

Bow Knows.


Belts from Nona E. Rose’s Holiday 2011 Collection.

Nona E. Rose “Rose Gold Velvet Bedford Bow” belt, Halston Heritage dress (TJ Maxx); etc… watchband bracelet (, vintage rings.   /   photos and styling by Liz Teich, last photo by Rachel Sax.

I’ve been styling a lot of holiday/New Years shoots lately and the one thing that every festive dress seems to always need is a statement piece. Besides the obvious choice of adding jewelry to the look, a belt is the perfect way to make that holiday outfit stand out from the crowd.

This season, Nona E. Rose came out with a collection of belts that do just that. The antique style bows on these belts add a feminine touch that make any style chic, yet sweet. Best of all, they are all stretchy, so they fit your waist perfectly, giving you that sexy hourglass figure.


xo DA

p.s. Get your own just in time for the holidays at the Nona E. Rose trunk show at Henri Bendel…

Holiday Wishlist


I don’t know about you, but I’m gearing up for some Cyber Monday deals. There are 8 nights of Chanukah coming up, so I’ve listed 8 gifts that are on my holiday wishlist…

Michael Kors “Bradshaw” Watch (Piperlime)

I know I’m a little late on the mens watch trend, but I’ve been telling women for about 5 years now to stack their etc… watchband bracelets and cuffs with other bracelets and their chunky watch. I resisted getting one because I often am seen with a watch necklace on and didn’t want to over do it on the time pieces, but this one even has the vintage style of my watch necklaces with the Roman numerals. I think it’s about time (no pun intended).

Nau Blazing Jacket (Epaulet)

I’m currently saving up for this one—that is, if they have any left by Monday. I’ve walked into one of my favorite NYC boutiques, Epaulet, almost every week to check to see if it is still there. They only have a limited quantity of these amazing jackets that were made just for this well curated shop. It’s not bulky and won’t make me look like the Michelin Man, but will keep me just as warm as any puffer coat. Please Cyber Monday angels, get me a discount!

No. 6 5″ Aviator Shirling Boots (No 6 Store)

Sorel Tofino snow boot (Piperlime)

This is another perennial item on my wishlist. I can’t bear to wear a typical snow boot that looks like I belong on the slopes, rather than in Park Slope. With both of these boots, I will be protected from the elements and my tootsies will be toasty. Everyone I know who owns a pair of the No. 6 boots, swears that they’re the most comfortable shoes. If I wanted to splurge, I can even go to the No. 6 store and have mine custom made for me. This just may be the year. Though, more realistically, I’ll probably be [affording] getting these yummy snow boots by Sorel. C’mon sales!

Chrome “Niko” camera bag (Chrome Bag Store)

This one is actually on the hubby’s wishlist. I can’t blame him. This is hands down the coolest camera bag I’ve ever seen. It’s made to strap on while you ride your bike around the city and then can whip out your array of lenses, along with your lunch, and snap away. Too bad it’s sold out AGAIN at the moment, but I’m going to keep checking back to score one of these.

Georgia Varidakis Ruby VII Ring ( or IDA Williamsburg)

When Georgia debuted the diamond version of this ring (pictured on top), I was completely in shock that she managed to replicate the antique style that is nearly identical to my great-grandmother’s engagement ring—now used as my own wedding band. She couldn’t believe it either. Now I can’t believe that she has a gorgeous ruby version of this ring that would look amazing stacked with my own wedding band (for days that I’m too hard on my hands and can’t risk ruining my engagement ring)! It would make a great present. Hint hint. Check out her collection at her new Williamsburg showroom and shop, IDA.

Chanel Le Vernis Nail Colour in Peridot (Nordstrom)

I’ve had my eye on this color since doing a “Peacock” color themed shoot for a fall story in JOY Magazine over the summer. I love that it looks different depending on the lighting and it’s like wearing 3 colors in one—great for the girl who gets sick of her nail color after like a day. Maybe that’s why I haven’t splurged on this one yet.

Marc by Marc Jacobs “Too Hot to Handle” Satchel (Piperlime)

I’m a sucker for anything by Marc Jacobs—especially his reasonably priced Marc by Marc Jacobs line. The quality of the buttery leather bags are well worth the money (my purple bag that I’ve worn for probably to many season is a prime example). This particular handbag is the perfect fall to winter, goes with anything color and can be worn with the lady-like handles or as a satchel. I can do the rest of my holiday shopping hands-free with this one!

Yarnz cashmere robe (Gilt Groupe)

It doesn’t get more luxurious than a cashmere robe. Maybe cashmere sweatpants. Gilt Groupe currently has a cashmere shop that are the perfect gifts to make anyone feel like a Queen at bourgeois prices.

xo DA

p.s. Don’t forget to support your local retailers when shopping this weekend for your holiday gifts on Small Business Saturday!