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Vintage Andi – 4th of July Style


“Andi” circa 1970’s

xo Liz


A Belated Father’s Day


No, that’s not me as a kid with Robert Redford.

Being I was away for father’s day last weekend, I didn’t have a chance to do a proper post in the honor of the day. Better late than never—my father just sent me this great picture of in our most stylish looks from way back when.

I’m not sure if I support my pink and grey uniformy look, though those velcro kicks are pretty sweet—in an ironic hipster kind of way. 

My father, on the other hand, has taught me everything I know about mens fashion (GQ helped of course too). Check out his cool aviator frames and retro tennis style. Men of Brooklyn get jealous because Dad’s were definitely the original hipsters.

xo Liz

p.s. I’m not sure who that great dog is, but I suspect that one of its owners was Julie Chaiken, judging by where this picture was taken.

Vintage Andi – Beach Style


Andi, summer of ’67

It’s funny coming across this image of my mother at the beach recently, because for years I’ve opted to throw on a mens button-down shirt or chambray shirt like this one over a bathing suit, rather than the expected tunic or dress—as you can tell by this shoot that I recently styled and popped up on GLAMOUR GUILD recently.


Your Mom’s Style: Guest Post


Mariel and her mom circa 1990’s

After the early 90’s, I used my mom’s style as inspiration for what NOT to wear! No offense to my mom; we just have completely different clothing styles. While occasionally we overlap in tastes, we usually don’t take inspiration from each other.

For example: she tends to wear a lot of solid colored sweaters (v-necks especially), clogs or chunky slides, or thin beaded necklaces. Chunky footwear? Not my taste at all. I prefer cardigans, beaded necklaces on the chunkier side, and shoes that make my legs look longer.

To my mom’s credit, she stopped wearing tapered jeans a few years ago and now her clothing fits her AND her style nicely. It’s just different from mine!

This picture—obviously taken in the early 90’s—was probably the last time my mother and I wore something similar. After that, I took control of my wardrobe, haha!

Ahh, fanny packs. There’s one fad I don’t hope to see again!

You can catch Mariel and her DIY blog, So What’s Bloomin’, here. Fanny pack wearers beware. 

Vintage Andi: Beach Style


“Andi” June 1967

This picture sums up my mother’s style in the ’60’s when she was surfin’ USA with her friends in a van.

I had not one, but two beach-themed shoots in the past couple of weeks—one of which was actually shot on the beach. I found myself wanting to channel my mother’s fashion sense with easy mens shirts thrown over bikinis. Great sunnies are a must as well.

How does your mother’s style influence you? Email a great vintage photo of your mom’s style to and I may feature it on DEAR ANDI!

xo Liz

My Mother’s Style


“Andi” circa 1980’s

As you can see by the stylish photo of my mother in the 80’s, the style apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Being we were feeling the recession of the 1980’s, my mother resorted to make most of our clothes.

She would take an old men’s t-shirt and sew elastic into the lower half of it to create a dress (as pictured). She’d then pull the dress over cardboard and paint it in various designs like this fun beach scene. I often had matching dresses like these, along with the matching perm (thanks mom) and still tend to dress creatively like this today—minus the perm.

How does your mother influence your style? Send your favorite style pic of your mom to with a sentence on how she inspires the way you dress, and I will feature the winner on Dear Andi!

xo Liz

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