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JULY 4TH Essentials


1- TOPSHOP blazer

2 – Urban Outfitters sunglasses


4 – ASOS clutch

5  – NOIR Jewelry friendship bracelet

6 – TOMS wedges 

It’s our nation’s birthday and surely you’ll be celebrating in some way today like I plan on it. Chances are you’re going to have to go from day to night, so items like these will not only help you through that transition, but they can be worn throughout the season.

STYLIST TIP: I got a text from a friend the other day asking if she should purchase a pair of American flag sneakers—to which I replied “NO.” Avoid buying items you may only wear one day of the year (like that “Kiss me I’m Irish” shirt you may break out every St. Patty’s day) and invest in pieces that you can wear all season long and still be festive in. 

xo Liz


Black and White and Ladylike


Zara jacket / Gap Body tank / Ever skirt (similar online) / Ray Ban sunnies / Nona E. Rose belt / etc… braided watchband bracelet /  Gypsies & Debutantes bracelets (coming soon, others online) / Plenty by Tracy Reese shoes (similar online) / vintage bag, earrings and all other jewelry

I’m not usually one for polished lady-like looks like the fabulous Saucy Glossie—especially with my busy lifestyle and trekking all over the city, but sometimes I can’t resist a beautifully designed find like this silk pleated skirt I found at the Barney’s Warehouse Sale. Of course, I had to make it more my style by mixing it with black pieces to give it an edge.

STYLIST TIP: When wearing a ladylike skirt, make sure to pair it accordingly with ladylike accessories like a structured bag and classic pumps to look put together (stay away from slouchy bags and wedges this time). 


Styling Secrets Part 2!


I couldn’t resist sharing some more of my favorite items in my styling kit that you may want to use in your own wardrobe…

  1. Goof Off or Goo Gone – Both of these are great at getting the sticky stuff off of everything and I use them a ton on shoots when nothing else will work. You can use this to get off price stickers, gum, marker and anything else that is too stubborn to come off.
  2. Static Guard – Most women nowadays don’t wear a slip with their dress or skirt—unless it’s Spanx, or you actually like them like I do—so when it starts clinging to your legs, this is always good to have on-hand. I keep a travel size in my kit too for those quick fixes.
  3. shoe pads (heel liners and ball of feet cushions– I keep an assortment of shoe padding like these in my kit, and sometimes for those killer (literally) shoes that I own. I’ve relieved many-a-foot with these and suggest you do too.
  4. leather belt punch – This is one of the best wardrobe inventions ever. With one tool—which is a lot safer than an old fashioned awl and hammer that I’ve nearly taken out a finger with—you can add another hole to your belts.
  5. Dr. Scholl’s molefoam padding/moleskin – This is another foot saver that I love to have in my kit so when a model complains about a blister, I can have her keep on strutting her stuff. So can you.


Styling Secrets


I carry at least a suitcase of stuff in my kit for every job I’m on—sometimes even more. Some items are essential for every photoshoot, but there are some that I believe every woman should have in their own wardrobe ammo…Shhhh…

  1. Shoo Goo  – This is one of my favorite secrets that not many people know about. This not only has fixed a broken heel on a shoot for me, but it’s saved so many pairs of my own soles when they’ve separated from the bottom of the shoe. This glue is so strong that your shoes will be like new again!
  2. Jiffy ESTEAM steamer – It amazes me that so many women (even some bloggers!) don’t steam their clothing. It’s so easy and quicker than ironing—plus, it will make you look more polished than in a wrinkled shirt. Do yourself a favor and invest in one for your wardrobe. I love this little guy that is almost as strong as my industrial strength steamer I use on photoshoots, but I can throw this one in my suitcase when I travel for my own clothing. ********BONUS: Get the pink version of this and proceeds go to breast cancer awareness!********
  3. Evercare lint roller – Okay, so this may not be news to you, but this is definitely an essential styling item. This brand is the stickiest, which helps de-linting in just one sheet.
  4. Stick It! – Topstick was originally used for men to keep toupees on their heads, but you may better know it as what keeps celebs staying in their dresses all night (a la J.Lo). I use this not only on models for photoshoots, but I confess, I’ve used it to keep me in a dress while dancing the night away!
  5. Gonzo – I keep about 5 different stain removers in my kit…probably because people often request Shout Wipes, a Tide Pen, a Clorox, Bleach Pen…but this is the only one that I personally find works every time. It’s even gotten red wine out of my hubby’s vintage YSL tie that I would have been so mad if it stained. This is one item I sometimes even keep in my evening clutch!


Good for Your Soles


Free People top (similar online) and sunnies (in store, similar online)/ J.Crew tank / Levi’s shorts / Worishofer shoes / Zara necklace / Nona E. Rose belt / Rebecca Minkoff bag / etc… neon and gold watchband bracelets / Shaya bangles / Alex and Ani bangles / Nixon watch

NYC living can be hard on people’s soles (pun intended)—especially if you’re like me and you’re on your feet all day. I scoffed at shopping in the comfort shoe section for years, but now I know why people do it. Though there has got to be a happy medium between comfort and cute.

These WORISHOFER wedges are my summer go-to shoe. Once reserved for elderly German women, when done right, they can look pretty darn cute on the girl on the go.

STYLIST TIP: If you’re like me and don’t love the way your legs look in shorts, try pairing them with a little wedge. The slight lift will make your legs appear longer and leaner. Of course this little photoshoot trick is the BEST secret to killer legs. 


I Love Rock’n’Roll


Zara top  and jeans / Rag & Bone jacket / TopShop scarf (currently in store, similar online) / Plenty by Tracy Reese shoesRebecca Minkoff bag / Nona E. Rose belt / etc… gold and neon watchband bracelets / H&M spiked cuff / Shaya bangles / Alex and Ani bangles 

Okay, so I’m deviating this week from my style resolution of more color in my life, but I tend to gravitate towards looks like these that are one part chic + one part edgy. There’s something about walking around wearing some skulls and studs that make you feel like you can take on the world.

STYLIST TIP: Avoid looking like you just stepped out of your mall’s Hot Topic but adding subtle edgy hints and mixing them with some more feminine, polished pieces like a tailored blazer or heels. 

xo Liz

p.s. If you haven’t checked it out yet, the etc… online shop is finally up-and-running so you can rock some of your own arm candy—even in NEON for a limited time!

Bad Hair Day Solution


Jessica Simpson jacket (TJMaxx) / Leifsdottir top / Madewell jeans (sold out, but similar style here) / Aerosoles shoes (Marshalls) / etc… watch necklace and watchband bracelets (both at ByBrooklyn) / Gypsies + Debutantes friendship bracelet / other bracelet c/o Jewelry by Beth Lauren / vintage bag (Gypsy Nation at the Artists & Fleas) / vintage scarf, sunnies, earrings

With this wacky weather we’ve been having here in NYC, I’m destined for a bad hair day. It’s days like this that force me to throw it back into yet another bun or something of the like. A nice way to freshen that up, is throwing a vintage scarf and making an easy turban with it.

Easy Turban ‘Do:

  1. Start with either a long rectangular scarf or for a large square scarf, fold into a triangle and roll into a long piece
  2. With both ends in each hand, lay the middle of the scarf over the top of your head
  3. Pull both ends under hair and criss-cross to the other hand
  4. Pull ends back on top and criss-cross once more
  5. Tie ends into a small knot and tuck in the ends of the knot 

No luck with this? Just go get a cool turban pre-made headband like this gorgeous silk one from E.Kammeyer or this wire one from Free People (which requires slightly more skill) and look like you know what you’re doing.

xo Liz