Styling Secrets


I carry at least a suitcase of stuff in my kit for every job I’m on—sometimes even more. Some items are essential for every photoshoot, but there are some that I believe every woman should have in their own wardrobe ammo…Shhhh…

  1. Shoo Goo  – This is one of my favorite secrets that not many people know about. This not only has fixed a broken heel on a shoot for me, but it’s saved so many pairs of my own soles when they’ve separated from the bottom of the shoe. This glue is so strong that your shoes will be like new again!
  2. Jiffy ESTEAM steamer – It amazes me that so many women (even some bloggers!) don’t steam their clothing. It’s so easy and quicker than ironing—plus, it will make you look more polished than in a wrinkled shirt. Do yourself a favor and invest in one for your wardrobe. I love this little guy that is almost as strong as my industrial strength steamer I use on photoshoots, but I can throw this one in my suitcase when I travel for my own clothing. ********BONUS: Get the pink version of this and proceeds go to breast cancer awareness!********
  3. Evercare lint roller – Okay, so this may not be news to you, but this is definitely an essential styling item. This brand is the stickiest, which helps de-linting in just one sheet.
  4. Stick It! – Topstick was originally used for men to keep toupees on their heads, but you may better know it as what keeps celebs staying in their dresses all night (a la J.Lo). I use this not only on models for photoshoots, but I confess, I’ve used it to keep me in a dress while dancing the night away!
  5. Gonzo – I keep about 5 different stain removers in my kit…probably because people often request Shout Wipes, a Tide Pen, a Clorox, Bleach Pen…but this is the only one that I personally find works every time. It’s even gotten red wine out of my hubby’s vintage YSL tie that I would have been so mad if it stained. This is one item I sometimes even keep in my evening clutch!



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