Birthday Wishlist


Not to get all middle school on you, but my birthday is exactly one month away. Hint hint.

I have had the privilege of being born during Memorial Day weekend, so the entire country fires up their grills and seems to leave town in my honor. I could have been born on a leap year the amount of times I’ve actually been able to celebrate the actual day. Cue the tiny violins.

Now that I’m getting older, celebrating it has lost its cache. It’s no longer exciting when you realize that the fun part is over: getting your locker decorated, throwing a big slumber party, getting to an age when you’re old enough to do stuff like drive/vote/drink/rent a car/say “but I’m too young to do that.”

One thing you don’t outgrow is getting gifts. Though, as I’m getting older, it’s more likely that I’ll be gifting to myself. Well, here is my birthday wishlist to myself:

Nixon watch

I’ve resisted following the Michael Kors mens watch trend for a few years now, though I’ve always secretly wanted one. I just can’t bear to wear the same thing that I know a gazillion people will be walking around with. If I can find a unique version of it, then I’m game. This Nixon watch is unlike any I’ve seen out there on women. In fact, I first fell in love upon seeing my hubby’s male friend wearing one. Don’t tell my hubby that. Actually…do.

Anthropologie Capri Blue Mercury Glass Jar Candle

This is my absolute favorite candle scent. I feel so relaxed at the smell of this burning and maybe that’s why I often feel so relaxed in Anthropologie to hand over my credit card. The fact that it’s now sold in the vintage feel of mercury glass makes me want one for every room in my apartment (and to store everything in them when the candle is done).

Emily Elizabeth earrings

My grandmother’s leaf earrings like these are my go-to pair of studs to wear on a daily basis. Sadly, one got lost in the abyss of my previous apartment and the other is on its last leg, as I’ve worn it daily with other studs for years now. I would wear these daily and hopefully pass them along to my grandchild—who will one day lose one in her apartment.

Nona E. Rose belt

So, you’ve probably seen me wearing something like this belt quite often, but I loaned to to my sister and may never get it back. I’ll take another one so I can wear it all of the time again until you’re sick of seeing me in it. Deal with it.

SuperGreat Greetings card

Is it weird to send yourself a birthday card? If it’s not, this one would be awesome.

xo Liz


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  1. Whenever I am near Anthropologie, I usually try to stay away. I like their clothes but the real appeal for me is their “stuff” (esp the kitchenwares), which I usually don’t NEED. I try to stay out but inevitably go in anyway. And I usually spend a good 10 minutes by those damn candles, sniffing and having an internal debate with myself on whether I should buy one. It seems so silly to even say that! Ill prob buy it one of these days. But my point is I hear ya! I’m drawn to those candles too.

    • Same dilemma here, except I end up always buying the candle! They’re my weakness. I bring a small travel tin version of this candle when I stay in hotels for work so I can still feel somewhat at home. It’s amazing how scent can make such an impact.


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