Dear Andi at NYFW – Menswear Edition


While I often share my daily life as a stylist with what I wear and who I’m dressing, I have such a love for dressing men and menswear design. When it’s done right, it can be so creative. It can make you appreciate the process of fashion from great tailored design to well constructed pieces. Anyone can make a beautiful dress, but a good suit? That takes some serious skill.

It takes even more skill to do that and push the envelope in classic menswear design. The Duckie Brown show at Industria Studios proved that. Below are some of my favorite highlights:

There was a little bit of something for everyone in Duckie Brown’s fall 2012 collection: Fairaisle sweaters, over-sized pajama like pants and relaxed suiting were some of what they had to offer.

While the palette was pretty muted in blacks and greys, it was so refreshing to see pops of purple and orange in the mix.

Crazy hair a la Edward Scissorhands meets Prada’s recent fur hair hats, topped the models heads. It accentuated the grungy streetwear vibe of the show—but hopefully not a future trend among men.

Tweeds and checks in exaggerated silhouettes that could make any woman jealous of these menswear pieces.

The buffalo checks and plaids were abundant in this collection of sleepwear meets tailored streetwear—Steven Cox and Daniel Silver made for an unexpected menswear show.


Speaking of menswear done right, I ran into a friend and favorite menswear blogger, Justin Livingston of Munrowe. If you appreciate menswear design like I do, then you’ll love his fun take on mens fashion.

xo Liz


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