Dear Andi Goes To The Artists and Fleas


Vintage cape and hat (Spooky Boutique at The Artists and Fleas); Zara button sleeve sweater (similar online); Twelfth Street by Cynthia Vincent cape sweater (TJMaxx); BDG jeansSorel snow boots; Portolano cashmere scarf (similar online); vintage bag (Gypsy Nation at The Artists & Fleas); etc… braided watchband bracelet (By Brooklyn); Vanessa Mooney “Pyramid” ring and necklace (spiked ring from necklace); all other rings, vintage.  /  photos by Joshua Boccheciamp

Despite the first official winter snowfall in NYC, I took a trip to the Artists & Fleas market in Williamsburg. I pride myself, as a stylist, to be a purveyor of unique fashions and accessories. When you have friends like Martha Camarillo and Ricky Becker  (pictured above), then this makes it all too easy to find.

As a lover of vintage, these two boutiques within the market are HEAVEN. I’d live in here over Carrie Bradshaw’s closet any day. Every time I visit Ricky at the dual level Spooky Boutique, he gets the excitement of a child playing dress up and immediately pulls tons of pieces that I can’t leave without—like this fabulous cape coat and one of my signature hats, which was his own mother’s, both from the 70’s. Most items are quite reasonably priced for vintage in NYC, like my Givenchy sweater that was only $80!

Martha travels all around the world to find her gypsy-inspired finds, channeling her Southwest roots and my own love with the culture. My mother, “Andi” brought back much of these styles from her own travels and integrated into her own jewelry designs (like the two rings worn on my right hand).

After Martha’s recent travels to the Middle East to find the most amazing pieces, she just had to share them with me. Of course, I didn’t walk out empty handed. I scored a fabulous frock and a cool hat—supposedly once owned by a famous musician—to add to my already too big collection. She loves her finds as much as I do and offered to trade for the studded Moroccan style bag that she once sold me (shown). She conceded and admitted that the special find at least went to a good home.

xo Liz



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