LA Meets Brooklyn Meets Downton Abbey Style


Paul Smith coat; NSF shirt; Wilster skirt (TJMaxx); Report boots (Marshalls); vintage scarf from India (a clothing swap score!); American Apparel socks; vintage Dooney & Burke bag; vintage hat, broach, rings and cuff; etc… braided watchband bracelet and custom necklace (By Brooklyn).

WHOA. Coming back to NYC from 2 weeks on the West Coast was a lot harder than I thought it would be. Nevermind the super late red eye, the time difference, and the repacking of my suitcase in the middle of LAX so I wouldn’t be 5lbs over the limit—which costs $90!?!?—finding that shoes are heavier than I thought and added up in my over-sized carry on.

The hardest part is that I’m not ready for winter! The temperatures were dropping on the West Coast, but not quite as harshly as over here. For the first time in a while, my priorities while picking out my outfit were 1) warmth and 2) comfort.

I guess that’s how I arrived at this California-laid-back style meets Brooklyn meets my latest obsession, The Masterpiece Classic Downton Abbey.

If you haven’t heard all of the buzz on this addictive period drama (contradiction, maybe, but so true), then you must catch up in time for the new season on this Sunday. If you’re not interested in how the other half lived around WWI era in England, at least watch it for the gorgeous costumes. I think getting dressed up every day should come back (sans corsets)—even if it’s a sweatshirt thrown over an otherwise elegant maxi skirt.

My only gripe with their sartorial views sums it up by a quote from one of the royalty, “No one wants to kiss a girl in black.”

Otherwise, see for yourself…



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  1. Love this post, and wild about Downton Abbey! Thanks for adding those fashion pics. I also notice that you gave credit for them, a la the new rules being voted on in Congress. Kudos on this fine post!


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