Discount Diva


Gap sweater (currently on sale at the Gap); Emphasis skirt (Loehmann’s); DKNY tights; Marc by Marc Jacobs (Filene’s Basement); Warby Parker “Beckett” glasses (Warby Parker); Rebecca Minkoff bag (Century 21); Chaiken “Officer’s Coat;” etc… braided watchband bracelet.   /  Photos by Joshua Boccheciamp

First of all, I want to give a huge thank you to all of the stylish people that came by the Fashion Center BID trunk show where I featured new pieces from “etc… modern-vintage jewelry.” This new braided watchband bracelet was debuted at the show and a HUGE hit. 

Couldn’t make it? Not to worry! You can still get etc… pieces at By Brooklyn and at Habit Boston. There’s also talk of another trunk show with the Fashion Center in NYC soon—stay tuned!


Speaking of chic affordable pieces, I recently received an email from a reader of this blog that is from Chicago and is unable to make it to the sample sales and designer shows that I take for granted, being so prevalent in NYC.

My advice to this stylish gal on a budget? 

Your best bet is to find local designers you like and get on their mailing list to find out when their sample sales are every season. Sometimes they may even give you a discount for just for purchasing through them directly, like these Warby Parker glasses, which are normally at the super sensible price of $95 for frames AND lenses, but the showroom gave me a coupon code upon purchase.

-Of course, being that I frequent discount stores like TJMaxx, Century 21 and Loehmann’s, for a lot of my jobs, to save clients money on wardrobe, so I tend to find pieces when I’m not even looking (like this great Rebecca Minkoff bag for 1/2 the price and then $20 off).

Sites like,,, and make it easy to shop at a sample sale from home!

Another favorite way to shop is through local up-and-coming designers. I scour markets for the newest talent and have befriended many of them. Because of this, I’m lucky to sometimes be the first to check out new styles that often the big designers knock off!

From one lady on a budget to another…

xo DA

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