Vintage Andi Style Inspiration


My current style inspiration: Vintage “Andi” in the 1970’s

Nicholas K. top (sample sale); Madewell “Vintage Rocker” jeans; Gap Kids fur vest; Kimchi Blue lace bralette (Urban Outfitters); SHIH by Stephanie Lin bag; Camper “Annie Alto” ankle booties;etc… watchband bracelets (By Brooklyn); Marina Pecoraro silk rope bracelet and Spooky Boutique vintage hat (both at Artists & Fleas); vintage rings; Nona E. Rose by Rachel Sax limited edition belt.    /     photos by Amy Dancoes for Fickle Focus Blog

I can’t escape this 70’s style that I love so much. I found this picture of my hippie mom in that era the other day and was inspired to replicate her classic look with updated pieces.

While the 70’s live on, it was the end of an era for my photography guru friend, Amy, and I after we had lunch at our beloved go-to West Village café, Grey Dog. According to Gothamist, it is closing its flagship café this week, after being one of the only authentically bohemian spots left in NYC. They will be moving over to Mulberry Street and keeping their Union Square locations—both likely to remain like a “Wayne’s World” basement replica of the original. (See the movie again if you don’t get the reference).

A true bohemian café belongs in a neighborhood like this (see the pictures above). It was only apropos to pay our respects by spending the afternoon walking around the village. I can only imagine how much more authentically bohemian this area used to be 40 years ago. La vie Bohéme!

xo DA


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  1. Love the photos, Liz — beautiful fedora on you (I did historical research and sold men’s hats for Worth & Worth when it was on Madison & 43 St.) The shot of you tying your boot lace is particularly great, and..and..and!

  2. As a authentic hippie of the 70s, and also an officionado of the West Village of those days, where MY mom grew up and I worked and visited since childhood, I think you got the spirit right. Sadly, it barely exists now. The sense of uniqueness and true privacy is gone, gone, gone. But thankfully, it lives on in the spirit of “vintage”. We considered ourselves cutting edge in those days, and “vintage” to us was the “bohemian” and “beat” styles that we loved. I suggest you see “Midnight in Paris”… about someone who appreciates days gone by for many reasons….and gets to live them for a while. I really love that you put together “modern” WITH “vintage”!!!!


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