Styling Secret: Preserving Boots


Fiorentini + Baker boots (Barney’s Warehouse Sale)

If you’re like me and your boots have been hibernating since last spring, then they probably all look something like this when you brought them back into rotation for the fall. Below are some of my styling secrets that will help you preserve your boots from the previous seasons and get them ready for this one:

The easiest/cheapest/most fun way to store your boots when you’re not wearing them is by slipping an empty wine bottle in each one. (Make sure to clean out the bottle first, so your boots don’t smell like wine!). Just like a boot tree, this will help to keep them standing straight up and prevent the leather from damaging or creasing.

Now they’re like new…almost.

These were my favorite (and probably my priciest) pair of  leather boots that I scored at the biannual Barney’s Warehouse Sale for less than half the price. After wearing them to death, they’re beginning to look worn out. It’s so important to take care of your clothing and accessories you invest in so they last for years—and you get your money’s worth.

This is my ammo. I keep these in my styling kit, as well as for fixing up my own and my hubby’s boots. I think everyone should own their own kit of shoe ammo. You can purchase these at most drug stores and shoe repair shops—and you guaranteed you’ll save money on your shoes in the long run. The mink oil is key to keep your leather looking rich and conditioned. It will also protect it from the harsh elements to come.

First, use one of the sponges that comes with the shoe polish kit and apply the mink oil in a circular motion. Let dry for a few minutes.

Then, buff the shoe with a shoe polish cloth.

If your boots are scuffed, you may want to try the polish as well. Match the color of the polish to your boot color and follow the same steps as above.

Before & After. Now these boots are ready to come out of hibernation!

xo DA


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